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For You: Ranking of Sustainability

Every action accounts points into the Climate Best Friends sustainability ranking. This ranking is comprehensive and designed to encourage each person to seek a more sustainable life style, besides reach a greater prominence through a constant and increasing score.


  • For every action on the site, Personal CO2 counts points for you to grow in the Climate Best Friends sustainability ranking. Main actions are calculation, offset emissions, emission reduction versus previous calculation and invite friends to join.

How it works?

You will earn points and a better position in the Ranking of Sustainability Climate Best Friends for each activities done and listed below:
  • Calculate emissions - 1000 points.
  • Invite Friends to join - 100 points for each invitation sent and accepted.
  • Offset emission - 1000 points for every ton offset with carbon credits and 500 points for every ton offset by reforestation.
  • Reduce emission - 100 points for each percentage point reduced from the previous calculation